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The basis of every new technology is properly designed equipment. We know how important its versatility, adaptability to modernization, and reliability in the most unfavorable conditions are. This area of our activity includes designing electronic devices from scratch, simulation, and analysis of calculations, implementation of previously planned projects, and modernization of already implemented solutions.

The devices manufactured by our engineers are adapted to the current European standards. We ensure full minimization, universality, and maximum reliability while guaranteeing financial and time optimization. We always use proven solutions supported by calculations and legal standards, so thanks to us you can be sure of introducing the finished product to the market.

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The variety of areas of operation of electronic devices forces the engineer to be flexible in the selection of technology. Completely different requirements are placed on an industrial, consumer, or medical tool. We understand this perfectly and that is why we will adapt the designed device to your business needs.


You don’t know whether the designed device will work the way you or your customers want it to? Instead of jumping in at the deep end, let us create and test a prototype!

Check how the materials and elements that make up the device work in practice and on a larger scale release a series of products that are free from the errors of test batches.
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Thanks to numerous tests performed at many stages of production, we guarantee the harmony of even the smallest components of our equipment. Moreover, each element and complex device is additionally tested in conditions similar to those in which they will later be used.
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Before we decide to devote our financial resources, we carefully check and inspect the investment object. It’s no wonder that customers and investors also need assurance about the benefits of your product. Without a doubt, an effective and impressive way to present the project concept is to generate and present its 3D model or detailed technical drawings. Take advantage of IDO Electronics’ offer and share your vision with the world.


Our tasks do not end after the product leaves the assembly line.

We make sure that each piece of equipment we produce works properly for a long time, which is why we also offer device service, warranty repairs and end-of-life monitoring of all components.
Proper care of the devices guarantees their long use.

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