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Our services regarding development of firmware

Firmware is a form of software embedded in the device that provides functionality for basic hardware tasks. The low-level code also allows for proper operation of the operating system and efficient execution of higher application processes. While almost invisible for the consumer and often overlooked when reviewing the specifications, it is a key element necessary for the operation of any electronic device.

Customized solutions

The level of complexity of the tasks set for the device defines the complexity of the required software. Some projects have clearly defined functions that can be so simple that the firmware designer will focus mainly on optimization and cost reduction. Other projects may require high technological commitment with a short time to quickly complete the order. IDO Electronics will meet all the expectations of its customers by understanding that each device is different and requires an individual approach by the programmer.

Customized solutions

Cost optimization

Technological flexibility

Implementation of hardware functions

Individual approach

Reliability of basic procedures

Many possibilities

Our services in the area of ​​firmware programming are located at the crossroads of hardware and software. In a sense, it is the definition and development of hardware capabilities. At the same time, it’s the basis for the subsequent initialization of high-level software. Our team will prepare the product for the proper operation of Input/Output devices, enable secure communication in the network, and adapt to exchange information using selected protocols. We will configure your hardware platform to run the target operating system and ensure stable work with reliable data management in the allocated memory.

  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers programming: STM, ESP, NXP, TI, ATMEL
  • Support for network protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TFTP, FTP, TELNET, SNMP, NTP, DHCP, IMAP, SMTP
  • Configuring the Linux kernel: drivers, device tree, launching new platforms
  • HMI design
  • Communication in mesh networks: ZigBee, Z-wave, BLE mesh, ISM-band mesh
  • Interface support: USB, LVDS, HDMI, MIPI, SATA, UART, I2C, SPI, SDIO
  • Audio support
  • File system design and memory management
  • Basic hardware configuration system – BIOS / UEFI

Operating Systems

The software is responsible for the implementation of tasks, processor time planning, memory allocation, and synchronization of individual instructions. The correct operation of some projects depends on meeting specific time dependencies. In such products, the real-time operating system (RTOS) may be responsible for functionality and security. The selection of an appropriate task scheduling algorithm will guarantee full control of the situation and allow immediate reaction of the equipment. Our team of embedded system developers will adapt to the architecture of each device and configure the firmware for the expected functionality.

RTOS (Real-Time Systems)

  • Preemptive mode.
  • EDF (Earliest Deadline First) algorithm.
  • Priority set, Round Robin, Static planning.
  • Hard response time.

OS (Operating Systems)

  • Cooperative (non-preemptive) mode.
  • Specified priority.
  • Soft response time.

Mobile devices

Restrictions resulting from the need to minimize and ensuring the convenience of mobile devices result in reduced capabilities of their computing units in relation to personal computers or servers. To ensure the smooth operation of the operating system and numerous processes that burden the processor, it is necessary to skillfully optimize the control software. Trust the many years of experience of our engineers and become mobile with IDO Electronics.

  • Design and optimization of mobile device bootloaders.
  • Customization of existing solutions – adding selected functionality.
  • Initialization of iOS/Android systems.

Remote Updates

Electronics, industry, and business are market areas that are accompanied by continuous and accelerating development. The emergence of new technologies generates further needs for the modernization of existing solutions. To keep up with changes, the firmware in the device’s memory may need to be changed or updated. IDO Electronics enables the remote firmware-update function thanks to the thought-out architecture of our solutions.

  • Development and continuous support of our solutions.
  • OTA update (over-the-air).
  • Automatic and on-demand updates.


In addition to reliable work and extensive functionality, responsible protection of your technology is also an important issue. Illegal obtaining of the firmware code may contribute to the unofficial distribution of copies based on your product. An additional threat may be the unauthorized update attempts terminated by uploading malware. Protect your profits and learn about our security solutions.

  • Use of SecureDevice.
  • Knowledge of security standards (CISQ).
  • Connection encryption.
  • Thoughtful code structure.
  • Firewall
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