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We combine business, industrial and telecommunications services with the IT world.



Invisible to the user daily, but necessary for the proper operation of each application. We design secure, fast, and extensible code tailored to your business needs. Thanks to the cooperation of our engineers, you will gain access to a wide range of technological possibilities, lead to quick implementation of the product to the market and gain flexible integration with popular solutions.



Thanks to our experience and knowledge of many libraries and frameworks, we are ready to meet all customer expectations. We will transform any vision you have into a modern and super fast front-end. We will give it an attractive graphic style that ensures user satisfaction. We will create a stable and functional front for web services and desktop applications. From a sketch or idea to full implementation of the project. Because we focus on a good relationship with the client, we guarantee an individual approach and consideration of every detail presented.


Our firmware programming services are on the border between hardware and software. In a sense, it is the definition and development of hardware capabilities and at the same time the basis for subsequent high-level software initialization. Our team will prepare the product to properly operate input/output devices, enable secure network communication and adapt it to exchange information using selected protocols. We will configure your hardware platform to run the target operating system and ensure operational stability by skillful management of data in the allocated memory.


The level of complexity of the tasks performed by the device determines the complexity of the required software. Some projects have clearly defined functionality, which may be so simple that the software designer will focus mainly on optimization and cost reduction. Others may require significant technological involvement and, at the same time, the need to quickly complete the order. IDO Electronics will meet all the expectations of its customers thanks to the understanding that each device is different and requires an individual approach from the programmer.

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We will program a single device or connect more of them into an efficient system.


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