Power Engineering

Advanced Fluorescent Light Tester

The SmartFluoro fluorescent light tester performs essential lighting tests to pinpoint problems and verify operation. The device not only encompasses all essential features found in existing testers but also introduces a novel functionality: the ability to send the test results to a computer or phone.

Background and Necessity

Fluorescent light testers are indispensable tools for electricians, especially in environments where numerous fluorescent lights are installed, such as factories, warehouses, and large office buildings. Previously available testers offer essential functions, including:

  • Lamp test: Test bulb without removing from fixture;
  • Ballast test: Easily determine if ballast is working;
  • Non-contact voltage: Quickly check for voltage presence;
  • Pin continuity test: Tests if filaments have continuity;
  • Ballast-type test: Determine if the ballast is electronic or magnetic without taking the fixture apart–identify energy-wasting ballasts.

While these features address basic testing needs, there is a growing demand for more advanced data handling capabilities. Technicians often need to document their work for maintenance records, troubleshooting analysis, and compliance reporting. The SmartFluoro aims to meet this demand by enabling seamless data transfer, enhancing both productivity and accuracy in maintenance tasks. This innovative device not only encompasses all essential features found in existing testers but also introduces a novel functionality: the ability to send the last ten test results as a CSV file via Bluetooth to a computer or phone.

Challenges Faced by Technicians

High Volume of Lights

With potentially thousands of lights to maintain, keeping track of testing data manually is inefficient and prone to errors.

Data Documentation

Accurate documentation of test results is crucial for maintenance logs, regulatory compliance, and future troubleshooting.

Time Efficiency

Manual recording of test results is time-consuming, reducing the overall efficiency of maintenance operations.

The SmartFluoro addresses these challenges by integrating Bluetooth technology and data logging capabilities into a robust fluorescent light tester.

Core features and benefits

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Performs all essential tests (lamp, ballast, voltage, pin continuity, and ballast type). Quick data transfer enhances workflow, allowing more lights to be tested in less time. Ensures technicians have a single, reliable tool for all their fluorescent light testing needs.

Connectivity & Data Logging

Enables wireless transfer of test results to computers or smartphones. Stores up to the last ten test results internally. Allows technicians to export results as CSV files, facilitating easy record-keeping and reporting to support maintenance audits and inspections.


The device remains lightweight and easy to handle. Features an extendable all metal test rod to reach high-placed lamps without the ladder.

Development Process

Market Research: Analysis of current tools to understand existing features and desired functionalities.

Design and Prototyping: Iterative development integrating testing functions and Bluetooth modules.

Software Integration: Implementation of efficient data transfer protocols.

Field Testing: Deployment of prototype units in an office building setting for extensive testing. Collection of feedback to make final adjustments.


The SmartFluoro represents a significant advancement in fluorescent light testing technology. By incorporating Bluetooth connectivity and data logging capabilities, it addresses the critical needs of efficiency, accuracy, and data management for technicians in industrial settings. This innovative product not only enhances the productivity of maintenance teams but also ensures that facilities can maintain comprehensive and accurate records of their lighting systems. As industries continue to evolve towards more data-driven maintenance practices, the SmartFluoro sets a new standard for electrical testing tools.

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