The end of the year is, of course, a time for summaries and endings … but not only! We implement new solutions whenever we have such an opportunity, without waiting for New Year’s resolutions.

Regardless of whether we are talking about:

  • business solutions,
  • new information technologies,
  • innovative materials,
  • modern devices,

ground-breaking solutions (or interesting modifications and upgrades of the existing ones) enter the market almost overnight. Missing even one important detail may decide whether the competition will overtake your company in the race for the position of the market leader.

IDO Electronics, as an R&D company interested in using the latest technologies, always keeps a watchful eye on the market. We monitor the solutions, select the best ideas and implement them in the projects of our clients so that the devices we make for them not only meet the expectations of their customers, but also leave the competition technologically far behind.

IDO Electronics cooperates with DesignRush

It was the constant search for the best solutions that led to establishing cooperation with DesignRush – a directory of the best companies providing B2B services.  white and blue designrush logo on dark blue background

Thanks to DesignRush, we can not only present our offer better than the skills in:

  • software and hardware,
  • designing modern solutions in the field of information technology and automation,
  • designing mechanics and casings,
  • consulting and pre-implementation assistance,

but also get to know customers’ expectations and their opinions when our cooperation is over. The rating system used by the catalog takes into account many elements such as responsiveness, value for money, and overall opinion. Some customers forget or even take it for granted when they recommend us to their friends. Thanks to DesignRush, their opinions are more comprehensive and we gain more specific information. Win-Win! Yes, that’s the way we like to play 😉

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