Invisible to the user on a daily basis but necessary for the proper operation of each application. We design a safe, fast, and extensible code tailored to your business needs. Thanks to the cooperation of our engineers, you will gain access to a wide range of technological possibilities, lead to quick product implementation on the market and gain flexible integration with popular solutions.

  • NodeJs
  • ZendFramework
  • Python – Flask, DJango
  • PHP
  • C # .NET Framework
  • Nginx


Thanks to the experience and knowledge of many libraries and frameworks, we are ready to meet all customer expectations. We will transform your vision into a modern and super fast front-end. We will give it an attractive graphic style that ensures user satisfaction. We will create a stable and functional front for web services and desktop applications. From the sketch or the idea itself to the full implementation of the project. Because we focus on a good relationship with the customer, we guarantee an individual approach and consideration of every detail presented.

  • Vue.JS
  • React
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • Material
  • Vuetify
  • RxJS
  • Electron
  • Delphi
  • Qt


A pair of glasses in front of the screen with the code

Business solutions – Ecommerce

Take care of the development of your brand enabling comprehensive management of the company and contact with clients. We will help you implement practical and proven solutions tailored to the needs of each company. We will integrate the market, marketing, and IT area and take your enterprise to a new level of online business. Realize your strategy and gain access to previously unattainable benefits.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Web store


Automating code implementation is an affordable way to achieve great benefits. One of them is, of course, a significant acceleration of the entire process and ensuring continuity of tests in parallel with the production of software. Nevertheless, it is important to guarantee safety and reliability by eliminating the human factor. Make your team’s life easier and avert the risk of errors. Take over our experience and use the services of IDO Electronics.

  • Continuous Integration (builds and automatic tests).
  • Continuous Delivery.
  • Implementation automation.
  • Backward compatibility testing.
  • Mocha, GoogleTest, pytest.
  • Environment configuration.
  • Cloud service management and monitoring.


The constantly growing amount of data obtained by enterprises can overwhelm and hinder further development over time. Appropriate processing and reasonable storage are processes that overcome the obstacles encountered. Check the functionality of the tools we implement and discover the speed of work in a completely new quality.

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Redis
  • MongoDB

Mobile applications

Meet the requirements of the modern market and let us implement mobile tools to expand your business. Adaptation of the application to the software of phones and tablets can be an effective way to improve the quality of communication and enable the acquisition of new customers. Our intelligent solutions will meet the needs of consumers, allow you to multiply your benefits, and broaden the horizons of the company.

  • Cross platform solutions,
  • Integration with Appstore/Google Play.
  • Native iOS/Android
Telephones with application visible on screen

Source code audit

Checking compliance with IT industry best practices is an affordable way to improve future profits. An audit carried out by experienced professionals will allow you to find out whether adequate security measures have been provided and assess the stability of the code. Our support is an opportunity to learn about beneficial ways to optimize some mechanisms. It will answer the question of whether it is profitable to further develop a given technology or whether it may be better to use new solutions. Reach for our knowledge and lead to the creation of the perfect product.

  • Security
  • Correctness
  • Performance
  • Expansibility
  • Architecture