Prototypes assembly

Many indeed brilliant ideas of visionaries aren’t molded into the right form. Some projects are discarded even at the very advanced stages due to problems with the physical implementation of a designed device.

In the cooperation with IDO Electronics, you will overcome any issues that may arise and you will make your ideas come to life.  Our technical staff together with the team of qualified engineers, paired with modern assembly line are the key to the highest quality of assembling the electronic devices of any kind.

As specialists with many years of experience, we decided to use the most modern method of brazing with the use of the Galden fumes. This technique ensures 100% reliability from the first assembly attempt, which is very important especially for the short series of prototypes with a limited amount of provided PCBs. The mechatronics we use allow us to assembly SMD 0201 elements, so we are able to meet every demand. Moreover, IDO Electronics prioritize good contact with a client and guarantees production of the prototypes of the best quality.

  • We own a prototype assembly line

  • We solder using Galden fumes (high reliability)

  • We use Pick&Place M10V - SMD 0201

  • We finish prototypes within a very short time

  • We test our products

  • We develop firmware and software

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Assembly recommendations


  • The maximum size of the mounted panel is 290 x 290 mm or 260 x 320 mm.
  • Recommended panel dimensions are <150 x 280 mm.
  • For thin PCBs (h <1mm) or flexible ones (a large number of cutters/cutouts), narrower templates are recommended.
  • The minimum PCB thickness is 0.8 mm. Less than 0.8 mm assembly possible only for small PCBs.
  • Double-sided panels should have a 7mm wide frame or, if there is no frame, the elements should be the same distance from the edge of the PCB.
  • Each panel should have at least 2 fiducials.
    It is best that the individual PCBs in the panel are arranged in the same orientation.
PCB panel

P&P laying accuracy

Laying accuracy better than:

  • +/- 0.08 mm,
  • Element rotation every 0.1°.


  • The delivered elements should be clearly described on the packaging, in accordance with the name which appears on the BOM.
  • Elements should be delivered with a 5% supply, in the case of large/expensive chips, the supply should be equal to 2-4 pcs.
  • Any unused items will be returned to the customer.
  • The smallest supported cases are 0201, BGA pitch 0.4mm.
  • The maximum height of elements in the case of double-sided assembly is 15mm.
  • Elements should be delivered in factory packagings such as tapes, trays, or canes. It is possible to mount components loose, provided that they do not require polarization.
  • Due to the use of a condensing oven, components with contraindications (e.g. pressure sensors, etc.) should not be installed. It is possible to protect them with kapton tape, but in this case we are not responsible for any damage to the element.


Along with the order, the following documents should be provided at least 3 days before the planned assembly:

  • BOM with a list of all elements containing:
    • element designators,
    • value,
    • part number,
    • type of enclosure,
    • number of elements.
  • Assembly drawing with arrangement diagram for all elements, designators, and outline.
  • PCB paste file, a common paste file is required for the entire panel surface.
  • Gerber files for external copper layers: Top and Bottom.
  • Pick & Place file with the coordinates of elements preferably in .CSV format. Each line must contain:
    • element designator,
    • value or PN,
    • casing type,
    • x and y coordinates of the elements,
    • rotation angle,
    • mounting side.
m10v machine


PCB Production

Working with IDO Electronic means that you receive full solutions even for complex designs. Many years of experience and stable market positions let us guarantee the highest quality of the products we provide. All we do, we do quickly and at a good price. We use our connections with the best PCB manufacturers and allow our clients to benefit from the same sources. The experience of our production specialists lets us finish orders problem-free and in a sure manner. We also provide help with the preparation of documentation and care deeply about the safety of the ordered projects.

We make PCB on the basis of the project files (.sch/brd) or production files (.gbr/.drl/.rou)

We prepare panels consisting of many PCB’s

We make sure that files entrusted to us are safe and secure