A men reviewieng the outcome of the tests on the computer screen


Many years of experience of IDO Electronics show, that the key to the success and building a good name for your brand is the high quality and reliability of the solutions you provide. We control and thoroughly test and control every detail of our products with great care. Thanks to the automation of the process with our integrated system od the testing devices we achieved many utilitarian and economic benefits. We would like to pass those benefits to our customers as well. That’s why we offer complex solutions from the area of production.

Universal tester

The device is the center of our test sets. The System-on-Module, on which is the OS based, creates a counting unit. This solution is an effective way to provide a simple and fluent user interface based on the HMI panel. The quick web interfaces allow maintaining a remote control and storing the test data in a secured cloud. The device is resistant to distortions typical for the industrial environments and is equal to any objective.

Specified tester

A testing device dedicated to a specific assembly line and tailored to all the needs of our clients. We develop on demand the product that conducts the ICT tests that let diagnose the assembly errors like short circuits, brazing breakages, incorrect brazed elements, or breaks in the circuits. Additionally, at these stages of production, we offer the automation of the assembly lines firmware and additional FCT tests that verify the correctness of the final product.

The wires, converters, and adapters

Even the best of the systems are based on more than thorough tests. Taking care of every detail is a cheap, but very important and effective way to achieve additional profits. Minimizing the risk of the errors made by an operator, shortening the time needed for tests and increased elasticity of the tests all are the goals reached by the additions that tend to be omitted. By designing the tools that are tailored to the needs of client’s tests, we guarantee the creation of the solutions that are well-thought-out and perfected by the years of experience that our staff has.