The idea behind the outsourcing

Outsourcing – the portmanteau of „outside-resource-using” – means using the resources – products, as well as people – from outside of your company. The idea is best represented by the following thought of an automotive iconic figure: 

“If there’s anything that we cannot do more efficiently, more cheaply and better than our competitors, it does not makes sense for us to do it. We should employ somebody who can do it better to do this job.”

– Henry Ford

The offer of IT outsourcing to Ido Electronics means exactly that: efficient, inexpensive, and high-quality IT services. 

Flexible cooperation

The world is constantly changing and it dictates new and new rules for the markets. To meet the needs of consumers and skilfully use the economic situation, you have to use modern technology and the right ways of moving the resources. When you work with IDO Electronics, you are free to appoint the priorities fluently and change technologies easily without the need to hire and train new employees yourself. In any given moment you may choose to pivot, set the new direction, and balance our work without additional cost. Or, if you wish, you may add more resources and several of our employees will work on the issue simultaneously.

Vastness of technologies

Cumulated knowledge of all our employees guarantees success in solving any product issue. Many years of experience and constant development resulted in the knowledge of a broad area of technologies that consists of the most modern tools as well as the many proven solutions.


The technologies we use

Reliable team

It doesn’t matter if your project is small or big-scale, intercorporational one. Health problems, lapses, and the rotation of the employees decide on the continuity of the development and stability of the whole budget of the project. With IDO Electronics, you are free of such problems as you are given access to a safe and reliable system. If it is necessary, we will provide an equally competent replacement without the changes in your schedule to guarantee your peace of mind and satisfaction from our cooperation.

Our outsourcing offer

Abilities of IDO Electronics specialists are based on the true needs of our clients. The needs of your business are what really dictate what we can offer. The services mentioned below are only a part of the tasks that are chosen most often. We are always ready to pick up totally new challenges and build individual, good relationship based on long-term collaboration with you.

  • Network administration

  • Design and operating websites

  • Suervision over devices

  • Removing the malfunctions of the devices

  • Implementation and optimization of the Cloud services

  • Management of data