Use the experience of IDO Electronics and let us introduce the best solutions for all your needs. We bring together business, industrial and telecommunication services with the world of IT. Our elasticity is what lets us support the development of every client’s business. 

Design and management of the IT infrastructure

  • We offer the full range of services, from the design of servers and databases to the configuration of the network printers. 
  • We provide the before-implementation analysis of systems.
  • We implement management systems: 
    ERP – enterprise-class resource planning systems.
    CRM – customer management systems.
  • We make it easier to manage the users, content, accesses, allowances.
  • We provide consultation and training for the administrators.
  • We fix and install the telecommunication networks.

Two woman consulting IT issues in a coworking space


Malfunction of the devices, theft, human errors, or events like a fire might lead to the loss of valuable business information. A safe backup creation system makes it possible to recover the lost data and to effectively restore the fluence of the processes in the facility.

While physical threats are one thing, cybercrime is another real problem. We help to protect your information and data against such attacks and check the quality of protection by performing penetration tests.


Creation of the complete safety procedures

  • We provide the system of backups.
  • We help to protect against undesirable software like malware, ransomware.
  • We defend against targeted attacks.
  • We perform penetration tests:
  • attacks of the hackers,
    (D)DOS attacks,
    mail/www servers exposure.
  • Web monitoring.
  • Safety audits:
    ISO 27001,
    ITIL/ISO 20000,
    IEC 62443,
    NIS directive (cybersafety directive),
    KSC – national cyber

Even more possibilities

Broaden the functionalities your business has to offer to precede the expectations of your clients. Generate more revenue as you gain more contractors with better visibility and quality of the contact. Reach out to the most modern payment methods and enjoy the profits from previously unavailable sources. Together we will pick the best IT solutions for you that will minimize your input of resources and maximize your financial gains. 

Expansion and modernization of your IT infrastructure

  • Optimization of the already used systems.
  • Consultation and advise in regard to the purchase of:
    new equipment,
    used equipment,
  • Integrations between system solutions.
  • Integration with tools and payment gates, ie. Bluemedia, DotPay, and others.
  • We link infrastructure with VoIPs for the call center systems.