Why conduct environmental and climatic tests?

The manufacturer risks with his good fame and the trust of the key partners that many times took years to build if the equipment doesn’t meet the high expectations because its parameters weren’t based on real measurements. We, in IDO Electronics, know well that professional tests conducted in the modern laboratory at the beginning of the manufacturing process can eliminate many dangers and imperfections. The most important effect of such measures taken is the client’s satisfaction with the equipment we produce.

You too can check your products with us and ensure you won’t disappoint your clients. In our laboratory, we make able to simulate the destined working conditions by setting the temperature anywhere between -40°C to 180°C, and the relative humidity range up to 98%.

Our qualified staff may conduct the tests or help you with your research while we lend our equipment to you and your representatives. The climatic and environmental tests are a sure way to better know your product and are key to the satisfaction of your clients. 

climatic chamber

  • We use MKF56 dynamic climate chamber

  • Temperature range from -40°C to 180°C

  • Relative humidity range from 10% to 98%

  • We provide steady climatic conditions

  • We conduct the tests or we lend laboratory for a client to use

  • We check the compliance with UE provisions