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Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) has changed the industry completely. IDO Electronics has been at the center of that change since 2010. We are providing solutions from the meeting point of IT and automation. Every day, our products make work more likable, safer end more effective.

There are 5 basic elements of our success: 

  1. effective management;
  2. the best quality of services;
  3.  the best experts from many different areas;
  4. cooperation with universities and science hubs;
  5. the use of the newest technologies and the creation of the tools of the future. 

Check the financial reports of IDO Electronics. You will see for yourself that our results are not accidental!


Stacks of coins


All that we do, we do for people. With the changes that soon are to be made in the polish law, we decided to take the chance and transform IDO Electronics into PSA (a type of company similar to LTD). 

Currently, we prepare our company to be changed to PSA and issuing the first part of stocks. Contact us right now to join the most innovative polish company! 


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We would like to share the influence and success of IDO Electronics with you. By investing, you will profit in more than just one way:  

  • Dividend from company’s profit;
  • Contact with the experts on the most modern technologies; 
  • An access to the company’s rich resources and knowledge base.