Safety and innovation are key values ​​that have contributed to the design of our security system. We have opened new perspectives for contactless identity checking, body temperature control, and remote real-time monitoring of objects. One product, many possibilities. We have created a modern way of granting access to authorized persons minimizing the risk of spreading epidemiological threats.

Our system is perfect for facilities requiring scrupulous control of traffic. The system is used in places such as offices, workplaces, and public buildings. Thoughtful design and flexible software allow for convenient integration with existing access control systems (e.g. IDO ACS). The digital output system enables control of a turnstile, electronic door lock, or entry barrier, and when a threat is detected, it activates the alarm or notification system.

Face recognition system

The device matches the camera image to the user’s profile based on a set of database entries. For proper detection, only a part of the exposed face is enough, so the equipment works properly even for people wearing glasses, a hardhat, or a protective mask. The advanced image processing algorithm also allows the detection of missing masks. The integrated audio interface using a speech synthesizer allows you to easily remind people that enter the facility to cover their noses and mouths, which will allow them to quickly react and improve the safety and hygiene of the object guarded by the system.

Temperature measurement

The most effective way to obtain satisfactory accuracy and repeatability, while maintaining a reasonable price of the device, was to use a ready-made IR detection module. Integration with the microcontroller means that the device allows non-contact and fully automatic measurement of human body temperature. Because fever is the first symptom of many diseases, measuring body temperature is one of the simplest and most effective ways to determine if a person is healthy. The face recognition function and additional algorithms that analyze the captured image allow the device to ignore other heat sources and prevent false readings of the threat.


The central unit of the device is the SoC Hi3516C V500 system based on a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor. The system is designed for intelligent image processing from industrial IP cameras with Full HD 1080p resolution. Additionally, it enables convenient control of a two-way audio system by supporting G.711, G.726 and APCM codecs. As an optical converter, we used a reliable Sony IMX327 sensor. It is distinguished by the highest sensitivity (also in low light) in its price class.

thermo scheme

The device works in two modes – online and offline.

  • The device configuration is carried out from the web browser level. In online mode, the device compares the image with an external database of any size. At the same time, it sends measurement data and a real-time camera feed. The whole is controlled by means of an application in the form of SaaS our cloud also providing database infrastructure.
  • The built-in memory of the device allows you to store data that allows you to accurately recognize several thousand faces and simultaneously record a several-day measurement session with automatic deletion of the oldest entries. This allows for proper operation of the system and ensuring the security of the facility without access to the network.

The project was based on the Linux system, which guarantees smoothness and reliable work stability. It also introduces another level of universality, because our solution is not rigidly subordinated to SoC, but to the operating system, which can be easily transferred to another platform in the case of hardware updates. You save time and money because you do not have to train users once more to operate the updated system. In addition, our experience in programming embedded systems has allowed us to guarantee the security of user data by implementing proven methods of encrypting connections and hardware memory security.

Mechanics and convenience

The system is equipped with a tripod mounting system and separate mounting holes for placing the camera on the wall. The whole is enclosed in an elegant and durable casing with IP67 protection class, which allows for proper operation also outside the protected building, e.g. in conditions of dust or humidity. The WiFi wireless communication module allows the convenient installation of the device anywhere, without the need to provide access to the appropriate network cabling. The well-thought-out design includes numerous service facilities so that in the event of a failure, any repair or replacement of components will run smoothly and can be carried out by the user based on the service instructions or external remote assistance.

Thermo system – control, safety, and hygiene

Difficult times require unconventional solutions. The Thermo system is such a solution. It combines features of an access gate based on face recognition technology, personal protective equipment control system, and remote temperature measurement.

It provides safety and helps maintain hygiene in workplaces, while not hindering the performance of tasks by people in the Thermo controlled area.