How long does it take to develop future?

Peter Drucker, a famous management expert once said that you can not manage something that is not measured. We had to tackle down the issue of how to effectively measure and manage the time quite early after the start of the business. We are a company dedicated to making innovative products and time is one of the most important assets for us. We dispose of it in a careful and well-thought manner. On one side, the quick introduction of changes decides on the competitive advantages of our business partners. On the other, the process of designing the prototypes, and later on, maintaining the ready products often needs many iterations that let us refine and iron-out the most important details. Transparency in settlements for these types of projects is very important to IDO Electronics. Thanks to it, we build trust with our partners and inside the company.


T-tool screenshot of the timer

Why we built T-Tool?

Transparency and fair settlements, both with employees and clients, were the driving force behind our actions. We needed a tool that would meet a number of conditions. There are many options on the market, but none of them met our requirements. Most of them:

  • it is adapted to a limited number of tasks and lacks e.g. connection with external systems such as e.g. building access control;
  • it is ugly and overcomplicated. They require more training and are inconvenient to use;
  • has only the option of reporting the time allocated to the execution of tasks, and there is no, for example, free time or vacation management;
  • is SAAS software. They integrate only with other programs released by the same developer. Combining them with other tools causes errors or is simply impossible. If you want to extend the capabilities of your software, you must use imposed schemes. Even small changes can be a problem.

So we decided to create software that would meet the following conditions:

  • Integrability

    We work with various clients, often adapting to the tools they use. Our tracker is able to use the data from different systems. If a change happens, we can quickly adapt it to new requirements.

  • Autonomy

    Integrability of the system means that it does not depend on other software. We use the tools that suit the project the best instead of cutting the requirements to the abilities of the software.

  • Functionality

    Quick report creation or views that allow you to easily assess attendance facilitate project management.

  • Versatility

    All information on work plans and projects is gathered in one place. We no longer have to switch between many fragmented systems, remember dozens of passwords, etc. Thanks to this, work is more efficient and better organized.

  • Ease of use

    Easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces encourage novice users to use it.

  • Security

    Large data volumes and project privacy are not an issue thanks to the multiple levels of permissions that can be granted to employees or clients. We are sure that everyone has access only to the information they should have.

System abilities

WWW Interface
A minimalistic and clear user interface is available through a browser, also from the level of a mobile browser. Easy to learn and use, it also has many options, such as changes in the registry, distinguishing between pause and break, information about days off to use, and more.

Leave summary of the worker

T-Tool communicates easily via API with many popular tools. Examples of the most popular are:

  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins
  • Tettra
  • ProofHub
Icons of the tools mentioned before

Catalogue tree with many projects and people included

Icon - home Contractor
Icon - file Group of projects
Icon - bag Project
Icon - square Repository
Icon - label/arrow Milestone

Even when running many projects at the same time, we keep order. Task administration is simple and transparent. At any time, from the level of T-Tool, you can go to files important for the project or indicate the task for which the time is reported.

Connection to the access control system
An automatic timer start when employees enter the office using access cards, which saves their time and reduces errors stemming, for example, from distraction. Moreover, it also plays an important role as an element of the security system that allows us to monitor activity in the office.

When it comes to security, it is worth mentioning the multi-level system of access to projects. T-Tool allows you to:

  • Handing over the administration of a selected project to the most experienced team members without the need to grant them administrative rights to the entire system.
  • Providing reports and files of a specific project to the client without compromising the security of data of other clients.List of maintainers of the project
  • Avoiding errors resulting from the abuse of rights by new employees, e.g. accidental deletion of important files.
  • Employee privacy protection. Only certain individuals with appropriate data protection training can view personal information and billing.

summary of user's hours

The Effect?

We have created a tool that we want and like to use. The introduction of the T-Tool brought a number of benefits:

  • New employees only need five minutes to start the flawless operation of the program.
    list of procets and users
  • More advanced users eagerly switch between projects and trackers to reduce the time required to note down how long it took to complete a task.
  • All the necessary information about the projects is gathered in one system. This reduces information chaos and saves the time needed to complete tasks.
  • Project managers easily create reports for our clients, so we do not waste time on formalities and focus on what is really important – your project.
  • IDO Electronics’ managers always have an overview of when employees are planning a vacation or a longer break, which makes scheduling work with customers much easier. 

List of users assigned to chosen projects

Currently, we are still developing the T-Tool software, enriching it with other useful functions. We plan, among others, the integration of the tool with online calendars, e.g. Google Calendar.

Tailored to your needs

If you need a tracker that is reliable, ensures the security of your data, is easy to use, and works well with the tools your company already uses, please contact us. We will adapt the T-Tool so that you do not have to change anything in your developed processes!