Quick access to information has become a symbol of the modern world and ubiquitous technology. IDO Electronics further facilitates communication capabilities and remote control of devices thanks to the design of intuitive and functional mobile applications. Our solutions are practical and reliable regardless of the hardware platform or operating system used.

a phone with the main menu of the app

Downloading external data

Phone with app widget on screen The use of the Swagger tool has allowed us to quickly integrate with the API of the State Environmental Monitoring (SEM). Thanks to this, in addition to communication with the IDO station, the application offers access to current measurements performed, among others, using devices supported by the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. All downloaded data is stored in the Cloud service, which facilitates keeping a long-term measurement history. The use of a GPS connection of a mobile device allows for automatic detection of the nearest measuring station and downloading information on air quality in a given region. It is also possible to manually select and check data from stations throughout the country. The application presents collected measurements in the form of an interactive map. In addition, mobile devices with access to the GSM network allow receiving external RCB alerts and triggering an alarm at the IDO station.

External data

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Air pressure

  • Sulfur dioxide SO2

  • Carbon monoxide CO

  • Ozone O3

  • Nitrogen dioxide NO2

  • Benzene C6H6

  • PM2.5 suspended dust

  • PM10 suspended dust

  • GSC's regional alerts

Configuration of the IDO Station

Our application allows convenient control of the operation of an air quality testing station. One of the basic options is the energy management of the device. You can easily switch modes and balance between high measurement frequency and energy-saving and long battery life of the station. The user can set various sound and light alerts triggered by an event programmed from a mobile device. We have also added an intuitive panel to control the work of instruments connected to the digital outputs of the IDO stations. Ready scripts support, among others, popular systems with HEPA and activated carbon filters.  Application - view of the chart

Information always at hand

The air control station and mobile application that can be connected to it is a reliable duo. Thanks to them, you always have control over the conditions in your workplace. You receive information that allows you to:

  • control of working conditions and the immediate announcement of an alarm when the concentration of hazardous substances in the air exceeds alarm standards;
  • constant monitoring of the safety of your employees;
  • rising work efficiency by indicating places where conditions can be improved, e.g. by modernizing the ventilation system;
  • measurement and possible improvement of machine operating conditions, which will extend their service life;
  • providing permanent conditions for research, e.g. in laboratories, sanitary-epidemiological stations, and others.

You can breathe – you have all the information at hand.