Hello, world! – that’s how many basic programs start. IDO Electronics also want to greet you this way and introduce you to our new blog. We are proud to present to you the effect of months of our hard work. 

IDO Electronic’s work includes more than 10 years of experience in the area of services directed to innovation-first companies. We work at the crossroads of the industry and science. We believe that everything we do makes work safer, more efficient and simply – more pleasant. All we do, we do thinking about people, for people, and with people. That’s why we decided to share your knowledge with you.

Our future entries will include information about:

        • Automation,
        • IT,
        • Tests of software and hardware,
        • IT/OT integrations,
        • Industry 4.0,

…and so much more.

Our blog, however, is not the only place where we will publish the news regarding IDO Electronics. We encourage you to like our Social Media fan pages. The links are provided below the blog. By subscribing to them, you are certain to receive every piece of information about our products and services.

See you next time!

  • – IDO Electronics Team.